An old mechanical slitting machine was purchased and needed to be upgraded to operate at different speeds, with automatic removal of the waste, which is on either end of the sheet. Aservo motor was installed as a master and it in turn controlled the speed of the variable speed drive. The waste removal drive operates on a torque system and keeps the waste at a constant tension.

Decoiler 20 ton
A decoiler for a cut to length machine had to be upgraded from a hydraulic system to a vector drive with dynamic braking and a pneumatic brake. The machine cuts at a speed that the hydraulic system could not keep up with. To start and stop 20 tons of steel quickly so that the cutting rollers did not pull the steel which would cause inaccuracies proved quite difficult indeed. During commissioning the drive tripped during braking on a few occasions which caused material to lie on the floor and become scratched. The customer did not want to invest in a pit, to create a larger loop, as it was too costly which meant that we had to be innovative. We added a pneumatic brake and kept a continuous friction on the coil of steel. We also had two parameter sets, one for a large full coil with long ramp times and a second set for a small coil with short ramp times. The drive works very hard with a cut happening every few seconds, by optimizing the ramp times and speed the coil can speed up and before complete ramp down keeps rotating for the next cut.