The project at Mondi Richards bay was one of our first major projects in the paper industry. Because all the control equipment was 380v we had to install a dual 525v-380v three phase transformer. We were responsible for the installation of the instrumentation and controls for the polymer dosing system. A bulk chemical handling system was installed with high and low limits of bulk tanks alarming on the SCADA system in the control room. A defoamer system was also installed, as well as an entrained air system. For the control system use was made of magnetic flow meters, ultrasonic sensors and Pressure sensors all linked to via a PLC to the SCADA package. All controls had to take into account whether the paper machine was running, at what speed, and what grade of paper was being produced in order for us to dose the correct amount of polymer and defoamer. If the chemical dosing is incorrect or not finely controlled then a paper break would occur which costs thousands of Rands per hour. The correct dosing of the specialist chemicals allows the paper machine to achieve better quality and efficiencies. Basic Reporting is done via a Microsoft spreadsheet package. Dial in fault finding via modem.


Design + building of dosing system using Tasc drives and Endress and Hauser instrumentation.


Automation of chemical Kitchen on the paper machines. Intergrated Siemens PLC, Adroit Scada, Yaskwa Drive on Proibus DP and Siemens ET 2005 I/O