Hacoba Threadking 1200 Conewinder many textile companies in South Africa have machines that are in excellent mechanical condition but the electronic printed circuit boards have dated and spares are no longer available. We evaluate machines and write down a control philosophy which is verified By the customer. The replacement cost of some of the textile machines are also not viable As the payback period is too long or not really worthwhile. A Hacoba 1200 is a cone winding machine which operates at about 1500m/min and controls the tension of the yarn as it is wound onto the cone. Set lengths are entered and the machine is calibrated via laboratory length tests. We used a single PLC and remote input and outptut modules to allow us to upgrade two winding heads at a time. The length setpoints are entered together with the tensions required at the head of the machine, via a colour touch panel. A stop, start and doff button is mounted in front of each head. Should the power fail default settings are passed to the PLC and are displayed on the touch panel. We also have an auto calibration facility where the supervisor enters the winding head number, followed by the requested length and the actual length as measured by the laboratory. The PLC then uses this information in future length calculations. This results in very accurate cone winding and better production as the customer no longer has breakdowns on the outdated circuit boards.

SPT Conewinder
After achieving great success with the Hacoba machines we were asked if we could upgrade the SPT conewinders using the same principal. This required a slightly different approach as the machines are faster and each machine would require its own interface. The project has been successful and has led to the upgrade of four more machines. Text display panels are used in the place of touch panels to control the cost of the upgrade.